How To Update Firmware For Carplay?

How To Update Apple Carplay? Works With Any iOS Update

When do I need to update the firmware?

Compatibility issues: If your iPhone has compatibility issues with CarPlay after updating to the latest version of iOS, such as unstable connection, unavailability of certain functions, etc., you may need to check whether there is an available firmware update for your car system. Improve compatibility.

New features: Car manufacturers may release firmware updates to support new CarPlay features, and you may need to update if you want to use these new features.

Performance improvements: If you notice CarPlay is running slowly or experiencing other performance issues, the firmware update may include performance improvements and bug fixes.

Security: Firmware updates may include security improvements to protect against potential security threats.

Bug fixes: If you're experiencing glitches with CarPlay, such as Bluetooth connection issues, audio quality issues, or system crashes, a firmware update may fix the issues.

The mirroring function cannot be used: the mobile phone cannot be mirrored to Carplay, and Carplay cannot display the mobile APP.

How To Update Firmware For Carplay?

Where can I get firmware updates for Carplay?

Official Website: Many manufacturers provide download links for firmware updates on their official websites. Owners will need to visit the manufacturer's support or downloads section and enter their vehicle's details (such as model, year of production, VIN, etc.) to find out if an applicable update is available.

Dealer/Authorized Service Center: Some manufacturers may require owners to take their vehicle to a dealer or authorized service center for a firmware update. This could be because the update process requires special diagnostic tools or software, or the firmware update is combined with other necessary maintenance checks.

Automatic updates: Some modern vehicles come with the ability to automatically download and install updates via Wi-Fi or built-in cellular data connection. This means firmware updates can happen wirelessly while the vehicle is parked, similar to operating system updates for smartphones or computers.

USB/SD card updates: Some manufacturers may provide a USB drive or SD card to download updates. Owners can update by downloading the update file onto a USB drive or SD card and plugging it into the appropriate port on their vehicle.

Mail-in media: In some rare cases where a car owner is unable to download the update themselves, the manufacturer may choose to send the update to the car owner on a mailed USB drive or other storage media.

Mobile Apps: Some car brands may provide update notifications and instructions through their proprietary mobile apps. Through the app, owners can get information about updates and, in some cases, initiate the update process directly.

Each Carplay manufacturer has a different update method. When updating firmware, please read the Carplay instruction manual or contact the Carplay manufacturer.

How to update Carplay?

Since CarPlay is actually powered by your iPhone, updating CarPlay doesn't require you to interact with CarPlay directly, and the update process is the same as updating iOS on your iPhone. Here are the steps to update CarPlay:

Update iOS

Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. To update iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, you can download and install it from here.

Make sure CarPlay is compatible

If your vehicle or third-party infotainment system supports CarPlay, the iOS update should also update CarPlay functionality.

Check if your vehicle manufacturer provides information about Carplay system firmware updates. These updates are sometimes necessary to ensure compatibility with the latest version of CarPlay.

Connect using USB or wireless

Some vehicles support CarPlay over a USB connection, while others support CarPlay wirelessly. Make sure you know which connectivity method your vehicle supports and follow the appropriate connectivity steps to launch CarPlay.

Check for third-party app updates

For third-party apps that use CarPlay, make sure you have downloaded and installed all available app updates from the App Store.

Reboot the device

If you're experiencing CarPlay connection issues, try restarting your iPhone and your vehicle's infotainment system.

Once your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS, any improvements or new features related to CarPlay will be automatically applied. If you don't see these updates on your vehicle's display, the problem may be with your vehicle's infotainment system, in which case you may need to contact the vehicle manufacturer to learn how to update the vehicle system's firmware.

How To Update Firmware For Carplay?

How to update firmware for Lamtto Carplay?

If you purchase a Lamtto wireless carplay screen and need to update Carplay, please feel free to contact us at: We will be at your service at any time. For Lamtto Carplay, contact after-sales service and we will update it for you based on the version information you provide.

What do you need to provide us?

Please find the version information in the carplay menu and send a photo of the version information, we will provide firmware updates based on this information.

The version information we need is in the last item of the device menu (called firmware version).


  1. Due to the recent IOS17.2 upgrade, the mirroring function of carplay may not be available. This problem can be solved by upgrading the carplay system software. If you need the latest software, please contact us via email: Since the software for each model is different, please provide us your CarPlay version ID as an attachment (located in Settings > Firmware Version) and we will send you the appropriate software to upgrade your carplay.
  2. This upgrade only affects the airplay screencasting function and does not affect the use of other functions. The mirroring feature is only available on iOS 6 or above. iOS 17.2 requires upgrading Carplay software.
  3. You need Siri Assistant on your phone to activate the Airplay function.
  4. Since the FM antenna of our carplay is built into the car charger, in order not to affect the use, please use the original car charger.

If you encounter any problems with your Lamtto Carplay, please feel free to contact us. 



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