About Us

The Story of Lamtto

Since its establishment in 2014, Lamtto has been dedicated to developing and innovating automotive electronic products, continuously improving video resolution and smart features to meet the needs of modern drivers. The design of Lamtto's products always centers on high quality and innovative technology. Over the past decade, Lamtto has become a leader in the automotive electronics industry, particularly excelling in the fields of automotive electronic screens, adapters, and dash cams.


Who Are We?

Since its inception, Lamtto has been committed to innovation and upgrading automotive electronic products to meet the ever-changing market demands. We have a professional R&D and technical team that develops a variety of functions and models annually, ensuring our product range meets a wide array of customer needs. Currently, our product line includes high-definition 4K dash cams, as well as Carplay/Android Auto screens and adapters compatible with both cars and motorcycles. These products not only enhance driving safety but also significantly improve the driving experience by integrating the latest in smart vehicle technology. Our goal is to transform every old vehicle by equipping it with the most advanced smart features of the 21st century, making every drive safer, smarter, and more enjoyable.

Why Choose Lamtto?

Quality Assurance

When you choose our Carplay system, quality assurance is our top commitment. We understand that reliability and safety are crucial on the road. Therefore, our Carplay systems are rigorously designed and tested to meet high standards of performance and durability.

Easy Installation

Our Carplay systems are designed with user installation convenience in mind, featuring a plug-and-play design that requires no complex wiring alterations or additional hardware for most vehicle models. This ensures that you can easily and quickly integrate this system into your vehicle.

Broad Compatibility

Lamtto's automotive electronic products are compatible with most car brands and models on the market. Whether your vehicle is brand new or a few years old, our systems provide a perfect integration solution. Additionally, Lamtto's Carplay is compatible with both iOS and Android Auto systems, allowing more users to experience the convenience of smart Carplay technology.

Dual Benefits with One Investment

Our Carplay system not only provides advanced vehicle smart connectivity features but also includes a built-in dash cam functionality. This means a single investment gives you dual benefits: enjoying music, navigation, and communication convenience while increasing driving safety and recording important driving data.


Our Purpose

Our aim is to equip your old vehicle with the latest smart automotive features and technology of the 21st century, making your journey safer, smarter, and more enjoyable, allowing you to experience world-class smart automotive driving convenience.

Contact Us

We value the customer service experience highly and provide comprehensive technical support to ensure you receive the necessary help and support while using our products. If you encounter any issues or need technical assistance during product use, please feel free to contact us via the following emails:

For cooperation or product inquiries, please contact: support@lamtto.com

For any technical support, please contact: DC@yooomail.com

Our goal is to provide professional and friendly support to help every user smoothly enjoy the conveniences and pleasures our products bring. Just an email away, we are ready to offer detailed answers and effective solutions as quickly as possible.