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LAMTTO C300 3 Channel Front & Rear & Inside Dash Cam with 64GB SD Card

LAMTTO C300 3 Channel Front & Rear & Inside Dash Cam with 64GB SD Card

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Three Channel Car Cameras
The LAMTTO C300 dash cam offers simultaneous recording of the front, inner, and rear cameras, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view to guide your car safely without blind spots.

LAMTTO C300 New Generation Driving Recorder
Featuring an F2.0 large aperture and 6 layers of glass lens, this professional dash camera captures high-definition and detailed recordings, helping you easily resolve car accident disputes.

Exquisite and Compact Hidden Shape
The C300 mini car cam can be discreetly installed behind the rearview mirror, ensuring it does not obstruct your view.

Wide-angle Triple Car Dash Camera
Unlike some dash cams that only record the front and rear, the C300 is equipped with a 170° front view, 150° inside view, and rear view, monitoring the left and right sides of the car as well.

Accident Video Lock & Loop Recording
The built-in gravitational acceleration sensor locks the video when it detects sudden braking or a collision to protect the evidence. When the memory card is full, the old unlocked videos are overwritten by new ones. Typically, a 32GB SD card can support about 6 hours of recording.

Parking Monitoring & Motion Detection
With motion detection mode, the dash cam remains on standby until motion is detected. It will wake up and start recording once the front camera detects movement. If an impact or collision is detected while the dash cam is off, it will automatically turn on and start recording with all three cameras.

Excellent Night Vision and WDR
The internal camera is equipped with infrared night vision and 4 infrared lights, ensuring clear recordings of road signs, license plate numbers, and other important information at night.

Lifetime Warranty and 24-hour Customer Service
Our greatest pursuit is to satisfy our consumers' needs. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products and a free exchange within the first 3 months. Our technical support is available 24/7. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

3 Channel Dash Cam
3 Channel Dash Cam
3 Channel Dash Cam

Loop Recording and G-sensor

Three channel dash cam will overwrite unlocked old video files when the Micro SD card is full. The locked video will save as evidence and won't be overwritten auto. When the Micro SD card is filled up with locked video, you need to format it manually.

3 Channel Dash Cam

Wide-angle Triple Dash Camera Front and Rear

This driver recorder is equipped with 170° front view, 150° inside and rear view, left and right sides of the car will also be monitored. The field of view covers up to five lanes providing an extra layer of security.

3 Channel Dash Cam

Parking Monitor for Car

The dash camera will automatically power on and record inside, front and rear when detecting a sudden bump or impact to the car, which keeps an extra eye on your car while parked.

waterproof rear camera

Waterproof Rear View Camera

Waterproof rear car camera has 19.68 feet cable, it's suitable for most cars. It is usually installed near the license plate, please check on the dash camera screen before installation, and ensure the rear view is not upside down.

3 Channel Dash Cam

Easy Installation and Hidden Shape

The package comes with suction cup mount and adhesive mount, you can choose which you prefer. The triple car camera is easy to install and remove, it's convenient for playback viewing. The compact size is not easy to spot and does not interfere with driving.

3 Channel Dash Cam

Dash Cam with Infrared Night Vision

The interior facing camera is surrounded by 4 infrared night vision lights, which captures decent images of the interior of your car when the passenger cabin is dark.

3 Channel Dash Cam Package

Warm Tips:

  • 1. Please FORMAT the micro SD card before first use. Class 10, U3 above Speed Micro-SD Card is required.
  • 2.The internal battery of driving recorder is small capacity for parking monitor only. You need to plug the the power adapter while using this dash cam. If you‘d like to use this camera with car turned off, please provide extra power bank for it.
  • 3. If the button is freezed, please kindly try press the "OK" button to pause the recording first, then press the "MENU" button to access the setting.
  • 4.Working temperature -4°F - 122°F. Please avoid direct sunlight. If you need to park your car in an open area directly exposed to the sun, we recommend that you adjust the installation position of the camera or remove the camera to avoid damage to the camera screen.
  • 5.Video can be playbacked on the camera. Or export the video from sd card to your laptop by using the included Micro USB data cable.
  • 6. After received the package, please use the original cigarette lighter to test the dash cam, check whether three cameras turn on and record normally before installation.

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3 Channel Dash Cam

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