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LAMTTO DC06 4K+1080P Front and Rear Touch Screen & WiFi & GPS Dash Cam With 64GB Memory Card

LAMTTO DC06 4K+1080P Front and Rear Touch Screen & WiFi & GPS Dash Cam With 64GB Memory Card

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3.16" Touchscreen & User Friendly UI
The wireless dash cam features a 3.16" IPS touch screen and a single power button. All settings and playback can be easily managed through the simple firmware. The slim, rectangular screen is small enough to mount behind the rearview mirror, ensuring it doesn't interfere with your field of view.

4K+1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear
Equipped with high-resolution 2160P (4K) front and 1080P rear recording capabilities, this dash cam uses 6pcs high light transmittance glass lenses to provide the best images and videos of all details, ensuring safety and confidence while driving.

Built-in WIFI, Easy Operate On The Phone
The built-in WiFi function and customized app allow you to control settings easily and receive updates. The app uploads all saved footage to your phone when connected, allowing for playback and sharing of recordings at any time.

Dash Cam with GPS and Speed
This dash cam boasts a built-in GPS that accurately records your vehicle’s location and speed. The screen saver displays the current speed and date/time while driving.

Exclusive Design Gesture Sensor
The dash cam features a gesture sensor function that locks videos or takes pictures when your finger gets close to the bottom of the device. This is particularly useful in emergencies.

USB Car Charger Dash Cam
The dual dash cam comes with a USB output car charger, addressing phone charging issues while using the dash cam. It also has a backup USB-C power option, allowing you to use it via the USB-C port when detached from the mount. Note: The car charger uses a mini USB port and should be used while driving for a stable power supply.

Capacitor Car Camera with Longer Lifespan
Powered by an internal capacitor, this dash cam is more resistant to heat damage and safer in adverse weather conditions, providing peace of mind during hotter climates.

Reliable Tech Support
LAMTTO offers a strong tech support team and accessories replacement. We provide a 2-year warranty and lifetime tech support, ensuring any questions or issues are resolved quickly.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam
WiFi 4K Dash Cam

Why you need a dash cam?

A good dash cam not only record your entire road trip, but also provides you the first-hand evidence of a car accident. It's a perfect solution for undisciplined drivers and prevent fraud while insurance claim. Having a dash cam in your car means supporting evidence at your fingertips.

Why you need LAMTTO C350 dash cam?

The dash cam has high resolution 4K front camera and 1080P rear camera, it wil record clear license plate and road signs details. Feature with 3.16" touch screen, you can easy to setup by the simple UI interface. Built-in WiFi provides to-the-minutes updates once connected the app, GPS tracks location and speed. It's a capacitor dash cam, which is more safe to work in hot summer and cold winter and has longer lifespan.

Basic functions and exclusive functions in one dash cam‚ÄĒWith the¬†Gesture Sensor, you can lock video or take picture easily when there has unexpected view front of your car. After install hardwire kit, the dash cam will provides¬†24/7 hours car security record.¬†USB-C data interface¬†makes the recording download faster.¬†Magnetic adhsive mount¬†is sturdy enough and¬†easy to remove¬†the dash cam for downloading purpose and reattach. G-sensor, loop recording, max support 256GB micro sd card.

All the dash cam record is protect your interests, avoid fraud and improve using experience.The mini size is easy to hide behind the rear view mirror, would not block the view.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam

LAMTTO is an exclusive brand of Amazon. We are a professional manufacturer of dash cam, we are foucs on drivers' safety and record important moments.

  • G-sensor: Lock emgency video
  • Loop recording: Overwrite unlock recording to prevent sd card is full
  • 170 degree wide angle cover at least 4 lanes
  • F1.8 large aperture, 6pcs glasses

Experience Safety WIFI GPS 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear

LAMTTO C350 dash cam is a full-functions car camera for almost people.

  • Responsible Support:¬†LAMTTO sevice team will follow up and communicate on time. Provides fast responsive if you need any help setting up your camera.
  • Value Added Services:¬†Life-time tech-support and accessories replacement.
  • Built-in WIFI: Guardcamera & RoadCam APP
  • GPS Playback: GPSPlayer
  • Swipe screen to switch front and rear camera
  • Screen Saver with Live Speed, Date & Time
  • Important Update: We have upgrade the firmware --1. GPS Function options: ON/OFF 2. Speed Unit options: KMH/MPH. If you need this newest firmware, please feel free to reach out Lamtto.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam

Exclusive Gesture Sensor

The dash cam not only has G-sensor function, it also have gesture sensor in the bottom. It's convenient and faster to lock video if you saw there has accident in front of your car.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam

Screen Saver

The dash cam will go into screen saver mode automatically, while it continuously records the video in the background. The live speed show on screen make you easier to know if overspeeding.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam

Car Charger with USB Port

The dual dash cam comes with USB output car charger, no need to worried phone charging problem while using the dash cam.

Note: The car charger is mini USB port, please use the car charger while driving for stable power supply.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam

24 Hours Parking Mode‚ÄēLAMTTO Hardwire Kit Required

Parking monitor provides a clear and accurate depiction of what actually occurred when the vehicle parked.

Note: This function will only work when hardwire kit is installed properly. If you need the hardwire kit, please let us know.

NOTE: Separate purchase only and not included in the packaging. 

WiFi 4K Dash Cam

Mini USB Power Supply & USB-C Data Transmission

The dash cam has a mini usb port for power supply, please have to use this port to connect car charger to enable GPS function. The usb-c port is for emergency use and data transmission only.

WiFi 4K Dash Cam's package

What you will get from the package?

  • 1x 4K Dash Cam
  • 1x 1080P Rear Camera 18ft
  • 1x USB Car Charger 9.8ft
  • 1x USB-C Cable, 1x U3 Micro SD Card
  • 1x Adhesive Mount, 1x Easy pry tool, 4x Cable clamps, 1x User Manual
WiFi 4K Dash Cam
WiFi 4K Dash Cam
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