Does Apple Carplay Drain My Car Battery?

Does Apple Carplay Drain My Car Battery?

CarPlay is designed to be used in vehicles without directly over-consuming the car battery, as it typically operates through the car's infotainment system powered by the vehicle's electrical system. Normally, when the car engine is turned off, the cigarette lighter would not supply power, and CarPlay would automatically turn off.

When the Engine is Running

Normal Operation: While the car's engine is running, the alternator generates electricity, powering the vehicle’s electrical system and charging the battery. Under these conditions, using CarPlay will not deplete the car battery, as the power is supplied by the alternator.

Battery Maintenance: As long as the alternator is functioning properly, the battery level should remain stable or even increase, regardless of CarPlay usage.

However, some vehicles are designed to keep their sockets powered even after the engine has been turned off, which might continue to charge devices like CarPlay. If you use CarPlay for extended periods with the engine off, it could lead to battery depletion.

How to Determine if the Cigarette Lighter Socket is Still Powered When Engine is Off?

Indicator Light: If there is an indicator light on the plug, observe whether it stays lit after the engine is shut off. This is a good way to determine if the socket is still drawing power.

For Lamtto CarPlay, typically, the cigarette lighter will not supply power after the car engine is turned off, and CarPlay will also automatically turn off. When the car is started, CarPlay will boot up automatically. However, if you have an older vehicle, to avoid battery depletion, here are the methods to address the potential continuous drain of the car battery by CarPlay after the engine is turned off:

Manual Disconnection

Simple Operation: After parking, manually unplug the USB charging cable or the car charger plug. This is a straightforward solution that immediately cuts off the power to CarPlay.

Consideration: Each time you return to your car, if you want to use CarPlay again, you'll need to remember to reconnect the device.

Hardwiring to the ACC Circuit

Permanent Fix: Consider hardwiring your CarPlay device to the accessory (ACC) circuit of your vehicle. This setup ensures that CarPlay is powered only when the ignition is in the "On" or "ACC" position.

Kit Offer: If needed, we can send you a hardwiring kit specifically designed for this purpose. For installation instructions for the hardwire kit, please refer to the related article.

These steps should help you manage the power usage of CarPlay more effectively and prevent unnecessary battery drain when your vehicle is not running. If you opt for the hardwiring solution, feel free to reach out for the kit and further guidance on installation.


Under normal driving conditions with the engine running, CarPlay fundamentally will not drain the car battery. However, some older vehicles with older or weaker batteries might continue to power devices like CarPlay even after the engine is turned off. Regular checks, maintenance, and cautious use of electronic devices can help avoid unnecessary battery drain.

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